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The UK's largest, connected new homes sales network.

With over 750 connected offices across the UK, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the future of
new homes sales


Benefit from the most comprehensive agency service for your new homes. We offer a fully managed service utilising the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and the human touch to connect your new homes with over 3,000 of our agents and over 3.2 million prospective buyers.


We marry an unrivalled blend of a connected, highly motivated, local experts with an international network that can serve both prospective purchasers and clients in their own time zones and in their own language.


Our purpose built all-in-one platform incorporates the best in marketing automation, artificial intelligence, global distribution, real-time pricing, availability and reservations with sales progression all accessed via a simple user interface.


A fully managed and technology driven service means you can say goodbye to those resource sapping tasks and endless spreadsheets and say hello to more time to do what you do best while we do what we do best, selling your new homes.

Combining the Science of Ai
with the Art of selling

Smart Launch® was built with Artificial Intelligence at its core. Our proprietary algorithm incorporates predictive analytics and machine-learning to constantly analyse the contacts in our database, tracking their on-line behaviour, recognising patterns and identifying prospects with attributes and behaviours similar to existing buyers.

More sales

Achieve more sales, a better ROI and greater profits. Sales ready leads delivered in real-time means our agents focus on the prospects that are most likely to buy.

Constantly improving

Smart Launch® is constantly learning, making better decisions and identifying hot leads sooner meaning shorter sales cycles and increased sales rates.

Greater profits

Combining machine-learning, sales and marketing automation and highly trained sales teams means you get a shorter sales cycle, more efficient marketing spend and less dealing margin, leading to greater profits.

Deeper insights for
better decision making


Take away the guess work with real time analytics and reporting. Get factual data that helps you make the right decisions to achieve greater profits.

Live development statistics

See real-time GDV based on sold and unsold prices, number and type of site visits, income, net figures and so much more in a simple to access dashboard available 24/7.

Leads analysis

Get insights on the leads being generate with a live view of the number of leads, which lead sources are working best and how engaged your leads are.

Sales analysis

See your units sales, actual £sq ft, offers, reservations, exchanges, completions, dealing margin and more. You don’t even need to run any reports, simply login.

Real-time reservations and
availability on a global scale


Gone are the days of out of date spreadsheets and pdf’s. Distribution, sales, marketing and progression take place in real-time and you can access it all on one platform.

Effortless distribution

Instantly deploy your new homes via our password protected intranet, placing it in front of thousands of our agents and millions of potential buyers in our database.

Real-time pricing & availability

With real-time up-to-date pricing and availability there are no more double bookings and no more lost profits when people sell off old price lists.

21st century sales progression

From reservation to completion see everything you need in one place when you login to your dashboard. Updates happen instantanly across the entire platform.

Increase your reach with
multi-channel marketing


By using multiple channels simultaneously we increase the touch points between prospective purchasers and your new homes increasing your reach and guaranteeing consistent messaging.

E-mail marketing

We send both static and dynamic email marketing campaigns


2 way personalised SMS messaging

Call-center and direct selling

Via our call-center and sales teams


Personalised content for specific visitors

Web push notifications

Targeted notifications for website users

Social Media

Free and paid marketing on social platforms

Print media

Newspaper advertising, window displays and our array of magazines


Remarketing Using the RTB network to re-engage lost prospects along with banner display